Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What qualities make a perfect student?

From an in-class writing exercise during a teaching demonstration with an English Education professor candidate:

What qualities make a perfect student?

If perfect  means 'easy' or 'utilitarian', then I think that a perfect student would be bright, or at least neurotypical, from a relatively privileged household, with adequate elementary education. If the student is a person of color, then a higher socioeconomic status would be preferred. The student would be obedient and eager to please or impress.

In reality...

The above was my answer during the teaching demo, because I was trying to answer from a universal perspective. However, I very much enjoy my challenging students and find that they bring a perspective and a sparkle to my classes. I can't imagine a class full of obedient students with cookie cutter experiences, and don't think that I would want to.

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