Sunday, February 24, 2013

YRE Recap: "Inherent Worth"

Today's lesson concerned inherent worth and dignity. We had to unpack what those words meant, which led to a very interesting discussion regarding who has worth, what it means/is, human rights, animal rights, Hitler, and value via a vis cost.

At one point, the children insisted that value was equal to fiscal cost. I responded by asking them how much to sell me their mothers. One child said $300, which they obviously thought was a great deal of money. Another child said $3,000,000... A DAY! Exactly like that. The rest of the children declined to sell me their mothers at any price, thus neatly elucidating my point. ;)

During this discussion, one of the children posited the idea that inherent worth is akin to a soul. This was really an astounding leap, and is one of those moments that makes me feel very lucky and grateful to be allowed to teach these kiddos. (Or for them to teach me. One or the other. Or maybe both? :P )

We also discussed the story of King Midas, played a game to illustrate the story, and closed by reading a letter from Reverend Tom Owen-Towle, a UU minister, that details exactly how lucky we are to be here. (700,000,000,000,000 to 1, to be precise.)

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