Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Art Classes

So there's been some interest in the art classes, which is great. Basically, we'll have either six long classes or twelve shorter classes on six topics, depending on the ages/attention span of the kids who sign up. The classes will take place during the day at the downtown branch of the Lawton Public Library. They will be free of charge, but each student will need to bring their own items*. The days and times will be determined once parents have responded.

Overall, they'll need a notebook/binder/art journal and a pencil so they can make their notes and sketches in one place, and an easel for most of the classes. That should all run about $15 or less. They will need a few items for each class, which generally cost $5.00 or less, without coupons.

The class overview is below. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. :)


Here is the class overview:

Still Life: Gouache on Canvas 
  1. Discuss and see examples of different styles of art. Choose your items. Sketch a preliminary design.
  2. Learn how to mix and use gouache. Paint the still life.
Your student will need brushes and a canvas. You can get inexpensive canvasses at Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, or even Wal-Mart. I recommend picking up a two-pack, because they'll need another one later on in the class. I will provide the goauche paint.

People: Charcoal on Charcoal Paper
  1. Discuss the human figure in art history. Learn to draw figures and use charcoal.
  2. Draw the piece.
Your student will need a medium charcoal pencil, a vinyl eraser, and a tortillion and/or paper stump. I will provide the paper and kneadable eraser. You can find inexpensive kits at Hobby Lobby.

Printmaking: Styrofoam, Ink, Roller, Cardstock
  1. Discuss and see examples of printmaking techniques. Learn the relief style of printmaking and the properties of ink. Sketch a preliminary design.
  2. Make a print.
Your student will need a sponge roller.

Sculpture: Clay
  1. Discuss materials and techniques. Learn to use clay. Sketch a preliminary design. Form the piece.
  2. Paint the piece.
Your student will need white Model Magic or other air dry clay.

Landscape: Watercolor and/or Watercolor Pencils on Cold Press Paper 
  1. Discuss history and techniques. Learn to use watercolor and/or watercolor pencils. Sketch a preliminary design.
  2. Draw/paint your piece.
Your student will need liquid watercolors or watercolor pencils. I will provide the paper.

Collage: Various Media on Canvas
  1. Discuss history and techniques. Cut out your items.
  2. Create your piece.
Your student will need a canvas, a bottle of Elmer's or other 'dries-clear' glue, a pair of scissors, and any extra items. (Ribbons, buttons, etc.) I will provide the magazines, bowls, etc.

*I've linked to Hobby Lobby items that are usually in stock at our local store. They usually run a 40% off coupon online here. You can print them or show it to the cashier from your smartphone. The coupon is one per day per person, NOT household, so you can arm each of your kiddos with their own coupon, and send 'em through the line with their item.

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