Friday, November 15, 2013

Headlines of the Week (Or Whatever)

This week I'm a little obsessed with Royals by Lorde and the covers that abound because genre-stomping covers make me happy. Here is the original and six amazing covers.

And now for the "Sad Clown with a Golden Voice" version. Not kidding. It's a little swing and brings a melancholy note to this tune.

Here's the obligatory-yet-awesome violin cover.

The Mora Mora rock version, with male vocals. (Because yay gender transgression!) These dudes have the best expressions, and they bring a sardonic twist to their cover. 

Walk Off the Earth brings multi-gendered vocals and a neat ukelele progression. Watch how they switch instruments during the video. Neato!

The all-ladies acapella choir version. I love how saucy these ladies look, the female beatboxers, and the downright angelic harmonics.

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