Friday, June 28, 2013

Headlines of the Week (Or Whatever)

So this week, I'm thinking of Christianity and feminism and the Bible. But first! A story. A long time ago, my friend Amanda and I were at work and she was freaking out because she'd been asked to teach Sunday school the next morning on an emergency basis and didn't know any Bible stories, aside from the one with the Disney movie. She asked me if I knew any Bible stories and I said that I did, after which I told her a few, including the zombies and stuff that a seriously-but-rightfully pissed-off God sent between the crucifixion of His kid and the rise of Jesus, also a zombie, three days later and the least gory of which was the one with Elisha and the Good News Bears, in which some kids made fun of His prophet's bald head, after which He sends forty-two bears to rend those children into bits. She told me I was never allowed to tell her children Bible stories, haha.

This first link tries to explain away and justify the story of Elisha, but no.

Yo. The Bible has mixed messages on sexuality, but none of them says that homosexuality is a sin. Surprise!

"I don't hate gay people! But I am a good Christian!": Why You Are Wrong

What I Learned About the Gospel from Drag Queens

Jesus was a feminist and so am I.

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