Saturday, September 15, 2012

On Children's Autonomy.

Slut-shaming as parenting.*

"I took slut looking pictures."

Not, I disobeyed. Not, I posted photos that could negatively impact my life. Not, I behaved inappropriately for my age. But, I took photos that implied that I owned my sexuality and body, which angered the people who actually own my sexuality and body.

Let's contrast this with Will Smith's commentary on the same topic:
Actual parenting.
Am I the only one that sees a difference there?

I don't think a child raised with respect for her own bodily autonomy is going to make the same bad choice that the first child made, at least partially because she will not be searching for a replacement man to meet her new post-puberty needs. If she did make that bad choice*, would it be better to slut-shame her for daring to portray her own sexuality, or would she be taught about the consequences of said actions? Which is better, in the long run?

*I do agree that posting sexy photos of your teen self online is a bad move. So was posting this photo of her. One decision was made by a child; one by an adult. Food for thought. :)

*Note: The original image portrayed a minor child, obviously identifiable, showing this sign, which includes her name and contact information.

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