Monday, March 16, 2015

Jewelry Storage Solutions

For this piece, just get a cheese grater and spray paint the sucker. This grater was $3 at Wal-Mart and was getting a little rusty. I have a pretty amazeballs microplane and a small food processor now so the grater was just collecting dust. I already had a cheap can of black spray paint, $1 from Lowe's, so this basically cost me nothing.

I fell in love with this bud vase at Hobby Lobby and bought it even though I never buy fresh flowers. I spray painted a dowel rod black and now it holds my bracelets and rings. 

I found these pretty teacups at the flea market last weekend, with the intent to use them for bird feeders. They're actual china, so too delicate for what I had in mind but perfect for this. I used e6000 glue and some Command strips to turn these into necklace holders.

This is made from a plate, bowl, ashtray, two candlestick holders, and a whole mess of E6000 glue. All of the glass items are from Dollar Tree. Ironically, I bought everything for this before those other things, for the express purpose of holding my jewelry. Now this is superfluous. Anyone wanna buy a jewelry/appetizer/whatever stand? ;)

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