Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Red For Selena

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So the thing is, I normally use lip liner, lipstick, and all of that jazz to make my lips look smaller and more Caucasian. If I just line my actual lips, I end up with people making duck face jokes. But this is my face. I have Selena lips and I think Imma start embracing that.

The liner is Beautique Real Red 714202, which is actually kinda hot pink, the lipstick is Maybelline Red Revival 645, topped by Wet 'n' Wild Red Sensations 577A, and over that, a swipe of translucent pink lip gloss from God only knows where.

I think I was still married when I bought this tube of gloss. That's how old it is, lol. I used to wear only the gloss on my lips, to avoid emphasizing them.

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