Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Don's Tire Service

This is an absolutely shameless plug for Don's Tire Service in Lawton, Oklahoma. It's also a funny story.

Last Sunday, as I was leaving Sunday school with a minivan full of children, I got a flat tire. Oops. Haven't a clue how it happened. It was perfectly fine when I arrived at Sunday school with five boys under the age of ten in tow. But I digress.

So there I was, with a flat tire and no jack or tire iron.

I called some friends and they rode to the rescue! The children that didn't belong to me were safely delivered home, I was delivered to the ceremony that I was supposed to be officiating (Lovely Batman-themed wedding. I was an hour late. They didn't kill me; I don't know why.) Anyway, as I'm officiating this wedding, my friend Brian is changing the tire to the spare. The plan is to leave it there until the next day, when the tire repair places are open.

As he changes my tire, he notices that a front tire is also very low. The brand-new front tire. The tire that I replaced last December. Damn. So the new plan was to wait until Monday, jack up the van, remove the low tire and take both of the vile betrayers to the tire place for repair. Well, we had a pseudo-blizzard on Monday so here comes Tuesday.

I now have two entirely flat tires, one in the van and one on the van. I have no jack and no tire iron. (Because my old van came with those things. This one did not. And because I am stoopid regarding vehicles.) Damn, damn, damn.

I call Don's Tire Service and explain my embarrassing situation. They tell me to come grab their air compressor and see if I can air up the previously low tire and drive it over. (It's just a few blocks.) I pick up the air compressor. (No deposit, or charge; they just handed it over, after a brief lesson on how to use it. See: Stoopid regarding vehicles.) I give it a go, but no dice.

I call them again. They tell me to bring in the already-off tire, get it repaired, use it to replace the flat one, and then drive it over to have the other flat replaced. I have no jack or tire iron, I explain again. No problem. I can borrow theirs. I am pathetically grateful. Also, stupidly worried about how I'm going to do this. (And aren't I just the poster girl of feminism today?)

I head over, and get the first tire repaired on the spot. The guy loads up the tire iron, jack, and other manly accoutrements and declares that he's just going to go over and 'help the lady out'. Which he does. Quickly, and insanely nicely. While explaining what he's doing and a few tips and tricks. With no condescension or little old lady-ing me or anything. (Although he would have been perfectly entitled to do so, considering the situation!)

He changes the repaired for the flat and I drive it over (still with the spare on) and they repair that one, as well. After all of these calls, two tire repairs, going over and doing all of this himself, he tried to undercharge me. Yes, undercharge. He just wants $15. I gave him $40 and would have given him more if I could afford it.

Don's Tire Service rocks. The End.

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